Welcome to ThinkGiant

Helping Canadian business owners save on telecom services such as Cellular, Internet, Business Phone Lines. With over 6 years of telecom experience, Think Giant has experience saving companies 20-30% on average. Our services are 100% free if we are not successful in saving your business money!

We work with ALL Canadian Telecom Providers

How does this work?

Step 1 (Upload)

We'll start with a 10-15 minute consultation, discussing your current requirements, challenges, current and last 3 months invoices, and a signed LOA (letter of authorization). One we receive your invoice and LOA, we'll get started on reviewing where we can save you money, find errors in billing, offer suggestions etc.

Step 2 (Audit)

We'll review what findings were found during the audit. 90% of the time we'll find you savings with your "Current" provider. No need to switch providers, we have a sophisticated negotiation process, allowing you to receive the most amount of savings possible. Think Giant will give you suggestions based on your business needs/requirements, if needed, we can source out better pricing with wholesale and other retail channels.

Step 3 (Save)

Congratulations! We've hit step 3, which means we probably just saved you 15-30% *on average (up to 75%). We'll invoice you based on the savings achieved (we'll split the savings for the first 3 months). If no savings were found, Think Giant won't charge you. 100% Free Audits. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

"Creatively, helping business owners save 20-30% on telecom expenses. "